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Electrical Rewiring

Old wiring can reduce its function and pose a hazard to your home and family. A home electrical rewiring project is an excellent solution to improve your electrical wires’ quality and eliminate the dangers of having faulty wirings. Newer wirings have added protection as they are heat resistant, so there’s less worry of overheating. Our expert electricians provide an outstanding electrical rewiring service. Contact us today!

Electrical Installation

It’s always a long-term advantage when your electrical installation is correctly done the first time. Whether it’s lighting, wiring, sockets, and other electrical installations, Charlie’s Electric is ready to help with all your electrical installation needs. We are the best team of electricians to call in Tacoma, WA. Call us today!

Electrical Repairs

Don’t put off an eclectic problem as it can cause more damage and danger if left unattended. Even a seemingly tiny issue with your wiring or appliance can lead to huge problems, including power outages, faulty equipment, and even fire. Let our experienced professionals take care of your electrical repairs; we bring solutions and quality work! Call us today!

Other Services

✔ Electrical Panels
✔ Service Change

Calls us to optimize or repair your electric systems!